Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura on Britain’s Got Talent

The Japanese comedian “Tonikaku Akarui Yasumura (Tonikaku)” appeared on the world-famous British audition program “Britain’s Got Talent.”

I’m very happy for his global success! He was a buried comedian so far.

He was most popular in Japan in 2015. But it was a short-lived popularity, and his opportunities to appear on television declined dramatically after that. A comedian “loses if his desperation is conveyed to the audience.” It was hard for me to watch him struggle so desperately until about 2019. He seems to be able to handle any large stage calmly since 2020, when he can relax. There may have been some change in his life.

And this time, at the age of 41, he proudly performed on the big stage and received a round of applause. I was very encouraged to see how he was able to connect with foreigners even in his incredibly poor English.

I’m truly delighted! Congratulations! Yasumura!!

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