ChocoZAP: fitness gym where you can train in normal clothes and shoes, no need to change them

ChocoZAP is popular now. It is an unmanned fitness gym where you can train in the clothes or shoes you are wearing at the time and do not need to change them. The membership fee is $25 per month. Now, low-cost fitness gyms are widespread in Japan. Fees are generally around $75 for a conventional fitness club with a swimming pool and dance studio and $53 for an unmanned 24-hour gym equipped only with training machines.

At chocoZAP, you can casually stop by on your way home from work or while shopping. You scan the QR code to enter the facility and use the machines to work out without changing your outfit. After your workout, all you have to do is scan the code again and leave the room. The facilities are unmanned 24/7 to reduce labor costs. Everything from admission and secession up to suggesting training menus can be done through the app. Facilities such as lockers with locks and shower rooms were omitted, and the money was invested in self-serve beauty treatments and hair removal machines. A patron woman in her 30s commented: The monthly price of $20 is really cheap for aesthetic and hair removal services. The hair removal salon I used to go to charged more than $75 per session, so I feel it is a good deal.

You may be concerned about your safety. The AI-equipped security cameras will match the customer’s information with the status of entry into the room, and at the same time, the system will be recorded and monitored at all times while in use. Any suspicious, disruptive, or dangerous behavior is recorded and reported if necessary.

In terms of hygiene, users may need to make an effort. You are required to wear a mask when using the facility. It is also good manners to wipe up after using the machine by yourself with a disinfectant solution on paper. Cleaners regularly clean the room once every 24 hours.

The amount of money spent on fitness continues to decline in Japan. It will be interesting to see if low-priced fitness services take root in the market.

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