The 18-year-old students will take the exam for two days.

Today and tomorrow will be important days for 18-year-olds. They will take the national standardized test for college admissions.

Students take the examination twice before entering a Japanese university. The first is a common national test, and the second is a test unique to the department of the university in which they wish to enroll. Scores on these two tests will determine whether or not a student is admitted. The purpose of the common test is to determine the level of achievement in basic learning at the high school level. The exam questions are of a level of difficulty that allows for an average of 50–60% correct answers without difficult or eccentric questions. If they want to enter one of the top universities in Japan, they need to score more than 80%.

The four years of university life in Japan are a moratorium between working adults and students, except for the most conscious students. University students generally spend their time with friends, working part-time, or pursuing hobbies instead of learning something specialized. While it is difficult to enroll in the university of one’s choice in Japan, graduation is easy. Japanese students are allowed to acquire professional skills only after they have graduated and joined a company.

In recent years, the decline in the number of applicants for research jobs and the demand for employees who can be an asset to a company immediately after employment have led to a growing awareness among educators that university students should not be left idle. As a result, there is an increasing emphasis on interviews and essay-based examinations that do not utilize common tests but rather require the applicant to clearly present what he or she wants to study in that department at the university.

On Twitter, many adults encouraged the students to take the exam. One cram school instructor advised, “Even if your parents excitedly served you a sumptuous meal the day before, you should not eat it.” It means that a slight change in physical condition will reduce their ability to concentrate, so they should stay as usual. Then He advised the candidates not to eat until they were completely full.

Some students make fatal mistakes on rare occasions. In some cases, the subject they solved was different from what was required, or the answer columns were off by one. If they fail this time, the next chance will be one year later. Trains and buses may not run on time. These two days require close attention for students.

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