Gen Z Reevaluates the Ancient Domestic Social Media “mixi”

The Japanese social networking service “mixi”, which used to be very popular, was ranked in the “Next Generation SNS Ranking by Gen Z” released by Baidu Japan.

Mixi has been in service since 2004. From your account page, you can make bulletin boards of various genres and enjoy cross-cuttingly multiple closed communities, like secret circles. It has a “footprint” function, which keeps a history of the names of users who have visited your account page and lets you know who is interested in you.

Mixi declined around 2010 due to the proliferation of smartphones and overseas SNSs such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

It is surprising that young people are paying attention to mixi, which has become a thing of the past for people in their 30s and older. And now, not only Gen Z but also former users are returning to mixi. Due to Twitter’s ongoing system malfunctions and modifications since 2023, users who were concerned about its future as a place for expression raised mixi as a candidate for another habitat. This closed space, different from the mainstream of Instagram and TickTok, is reevaluated as a gathering spot for core enthusiasts.

Popular Communities of the Week
・Friends Wanted
・Today’s Lunch
・mixi Basketball Club
・Let’s say hello every day!
・Gathering of drink lovers
・Stylish fashion for girls
・Where sleep lovers say hello
・Mumbles to himself without permission
・I like to take pictures (vehicles ver.)

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