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Conveyor belt sushi to collect the latest technology

Sushi is typical Japanese food. In addition, Japan has “Kaitenzushi” (conveyor belt sushi). Originally, trained and experienced sushi chefs made and served sushi right in front of customers. Later, as time went on, automation progressed, and the conveyor belt sushi was born, in which sushi made by a machine is carried on a circular rail track, and customers take their favorite sushi from a plate flowing on the rail in front of them. Conveyor belt sushi naturally is cheaper and can serve a larger number of customers than human-made sushi.

Today, we will simulate the latest sushi conveyor belt.

First, reservations are made through a smartphone app. The restaurant is crowded on holidays, so it is wise to make a reservation before visiting. The app will guide you on how many more minutes it will take. If there are 2 hours of waiting time, you can pass the time by shopping or doing other activities.

November 3, today is Culture Day, a national holiday.

The app will notify you 10 minutes before you can enter the restaurant. Go there and check in at the machine at the entrance. After checking in, you will receive a piece of paper with your seat number printed on it. There are many box seats lined up in the restaurant, and you sit in the seat with the number on the paper.

Tablet is placed on the seat, and from this device, customers select their favorite sushi and place their order. The guiding voice of the machine is narrated by the most seasonal anime voice actor. Now, Natsuki Hanae, who plays Tanjiro Kamado in Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer), will say “Your order has been accepted!” every time you press the order complete button.

After a while, a plate of sushi will flow from a rail next to your seat. The sushi you order stops next to you. You accept the plate and enjoy the sushi. In the past, plates of sushi were laid out on a continually flowing rail, and you would select and pick their favorite items to eat from them. However, Japanese people, who are fussy about hygiene, said that “When was this sushi made? I don’t want to eat old sushi or choose a plate that someone may have taken once and put back.” That is why the current form, in which food is conveyed individually at your table after your order, was adopted.

Sushi originally consisted of sashimi of seafood on a bed of rice, but the menu has evolved in recent years as some people are not comfortable with raw fish. Here comes the “Meat Sushi”. Hamburg steak, dry-cured ham, pork, and duck are eaten on top of sushi rice. When I was a child, the most popular sushi item was tuna, but today it is beef rib sushi. Sushi is no longer just about eating fish.

After finishing your meal, press the “Check” button on the terminal at the desk. A QR code is also written on the paper you received earlier, which can be read by the machine at the exit, and the fare is automatically calculated. Put the money into the machine and leave the restaurant.

If nothing, in particular, is going on, there is no contact with the employees. The employees are out back cutting fish or carrying drinks and other items that do not go on the rails.

Conveyor belt sushi is spreading all over the world. We invite you to experience it for yourself.

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