MARUGAME UDON: The Udon Theme Park Where You Can Enjoy Eating With All Your Senses

Do you know MARUGAME UDON? This is a udon restaurant, where noodles are made from flour inside and visitors can enjoy the lively atmosphere of a noodle factory while eating their udon. Overseas, there are 203 stores in the United States, Hawaii, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Indonesia.

You can see the entire process of making udon in the store: dough maturation, stretching, noodle cutting, and boiling. Feeling the heat rising from the boiling machine in front of you, you hold a bowl of freshly boiled udon in your hand. You can choose your favorite toppings from a wide variety of tempura. Then you pour the soup over the udon. This soup comes out of the faucet like water. Can you believe it? The udon are thick, strongly firm, and satisfying.

At MARUGAME UDON, you can enjoy udon with all five senses. Enjoy one of Japan’s proudest foods, udon, at this restaurant!

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