Today is the last day of work for the year!

Today is the last day of work for many of us! Government offices are close from December 29 to January 3 by law. Private companies often follow this trend and make that period a holiday. Thus, a typical New Year’s vacation would be 6 days. Is this short compared to your vacation? Banks and post offices will be open until Friday, December 30, and closed until January 3. Their vacation is even shorter, 4 days.

The holiday season is usually a time to get together with family and friends, but I plan to break that tradition this year. We must be careful because influenza is now beginning to spread in addition to corona in Japan. The disease is transmitted when many people gather for meals and conversation. I completed a dinner party with relatives and friends in early December in anticipation of such a situation. I plan to stay home and work on my articles after tomorrow.

The risks of everyone acting at the same time, such as disease outbreaks and traffic congestion, are increasing every year. One railroad company recommends “staggered” travel which suggests starting your own trip by shifting the time, place, and action of your trip from others.

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