Hankscraft’s Aeroglobe is a great hit at the buffet!

I had an inspiring experience the other day! When wearing poly gloves to prevent infection in a buffet-style restaurant, I could put on them without touching any of the dispensers. Thanks to the dispenser called Aeroglove by Hankscraft Inc.

When you place your hand over this machine, a sensor detects it and pushes air into the glove, causing the glove to inflate. Bare hands can be fitted without touching the outside of the poly glove or the container by inserting the hand into the opening of the inflated glove. According to the manufacturer’s description, their patented aeroglove dispenser eliminates all contamination that would occur from pulling gloves out of boxes or off hooks. This fast, easy, touchless method of glove application completely stops the transfer of germs from person to person.

Hankscraft Inc. is an American company located in Wisconsin. This dispenser is manufactured in China and can be bought in Japan for about $165. Have you seen this at the restaurant?

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