More Simple E-Scooter Riding Starts in July!

The National Police Agency decided to apply the same traffic rules to e-scooters as to bicycles if they meet standards for maximum speed, size, etc., starting in July 2023. This will expand the use of e-scooters in the future.

The specific rules:
Basically, drive on the roadway.
No driver’s license is required.
People under 16 are not permitted.
Helmets are optional.
The maximum speed must be less than 20 km/h.
The size must be less than 60 cm in width and 190 cm in length.
Traffic violations require payment of fines ($70 for jaywalking, $140 for cell phone use).
Models that can turn on the green light, indicating the restricted mode status of 6 km/h or less, can be driven on sidewalks.

It would be comfortable to use in suburban tourist areas with little car traffic. But when I see people already using e-scooters in the city center, I get a little scared. Can you imagine a bare human running at considerable speed right next to a large truck or a large number of cars? A truck driver commented that he would have to be more careful around his truck because small e-scooters can get between the truck and the sidewalk, where previously motorcycles could not.

The introduction of e-scooters seems to be more for tourism promotion than for living purposes. I hope that everyone will obey the rules and that comfortable travel will be realized.

By the way, I have had a very painful experience with an electric rental bicycle that turned off while in use, so I am very cautious about using it. Is that scooter properly charged?

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The battery level of the rental bicycle is zero.

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