Portable street light umbrellas for safety on night streets

This umbrella will stand out on a dark night street! Umbrellas that illuminate your surroundings as if you were carrying a street lamp are available in Japan. It can solve problems such as difficulty in seeing one’s feet, hard to be seen by cars and poor visibility at night on rainy days all at once.

The price is $22 and the weight is 637g. Powered by 3 AAA batteries, it can be lit for approximately 6 hours. The light turns on automatically when the umbrella is opened, and the light can be turned on and off with a button.

Personal injury accidents in which a car hits a pedestrian at night have a higher risk of resulting in death than during the daytime. This makes you safe due to the lights that catches the driver’s eye from a distance.

Someone said that traffic accidents will decrease but the urban legend of ghostly apparitions is likely to increase.

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