YOASOBI’s Song “Idol” Is Popular Now!

The number one anime of the year is definitely “OSHI NO KO”. Particularly well received is the opening theme. It is a song by YOASOBI called “Idol,” which has received more than 240 million views on YouTube. This song became the first ever Japanese-language song to reach No. 1 on Billboard Global Excl. US in June.

Experts explain that the secret to this popularity lies in “User Generated Content (UGC).” UGC is a general review of user-generated content, usually reviews and quotes posted on social media. People from all over the world post Tried Dancing using this song “Idol”.

The problem with UGC is that a lot of it consists of user-created derivative works. It is, in other words, illegal plagiarism. On the other hand, it is also true that UGC raises customer awareness of the product. There have been methods investigated to allow users to use the product for Tried Singing or Dancing without infringing copyrights.

YOASOBI, the creator of the song, used a service that handles licensing agreements on their behalf and made the sound of only the performance portion, excluding the singing voice, available to the public. As a result, fans can now legally post UGC along with their own creations, such as singing, dancing, animation, and painting, without the permission of the creator.

Nothing excites and gratifies fans more than seeing artists publicly endorse the expansion of their work through collaborations with fans.

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