Hunter x Hunter Manga Resumes After Almost 4 Years!

The series of Yoshihiro Togashi’s manga “Hunter x Hunter” resumed in the October 24, 2022 issue of Weekly SHONEN JUMP after almost 4 years.

It seems that he had been working on the manuscript during his absence in preparation for the resumption of the series (which can be seen on his official Twitter), and while in the past it has been published in draft with only the characters penciled in, this time it was solid, completed manuscript. The background were meticulously drawn by assistants, and the effect lines and screen tones were accurately inserted.

Togashi is one of the most legendary manga artists, with “Yu-Yu Hakusho” and “Hunter x Hunter” being his most famous works. His wife is Naoko, a manga artist and creator of Sailor Moon. They are a big couple who have been a driving force in the Japanese manga industry, and as a couple they have enormous royalty and copyright income.

Weekly SHONEN JUMP, in which “HUNTER x HUNTER” is published, is a leading weekly manga magazine in Japan, released every Monday. Many of the leading works of Japanese manga entertainment have been published there, including “ONE PIECE”, “My Hero Academia”, “Blade of Demons”, “Chainsaw Man”, and many others. Although the magazine’s main target audience are boys attending elementary and junior high school, its actual readership ranges from elementary school students to women and men in their 40s, making it enjoyed by a ridiculously wide audience. The wide readership is a remarkable example of Japan’s culture that manga is not only for children to enjoy.

The exhibition of Yoshihiro Togashi’s works will open in Tokyo on October 28. I have already purchased my ticket and am now looking forward to seeing the live manuscripts. I plan to write an article about the exhibition as well. Stay tuned!

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