6 Films to be Seen in Theaters in May 2023

Now, Japan is in the midst of a major holiday weekend, which occurs three times a year. The name is Golden Week. It was the film distributors who named the May holidays “Golden Week” in an attempt to attract audiences. It is common for new blockbuster movies to be released during this period.

Here are some movies that are currently in theaters:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie
It is the most advertised film today.

One viewer’s opinion:
The story itself was not new. But I felt excited because game music, sound effects, and in-game characters were scattered throughout. The game stages were sublimated into movie scenes without strain, and I felt as if I were watching a demo of a new game. Games from other Nintendo titles were also integrated into this film. Isn’t this fun for game lovers?

Shin Kamen Rider

This is one of Japan’s most famous special effects dramas. Originally broadcast on TV in the 1970s, it was remade with Evangelion’s Hideaki Anno as writer and director. Four major film distributors jointly organized “Shin Japan Heroes Universe” to promote four iconic hero films of Japanese culture to the world. This is the fourth film following “Shin Godzilla,” “Shin Evangelion the Movie,” and “Shin Ultraman.” Incidentally, the film is designated as a film that depicts killing and bleeding and requires the advice and guidance of parents and other guardians for those under 12 years of age. This is clearly not a film for children, as there is a lot of blood splattered throughout the film.

Kights of the Zodiac

The film is a Hollywood adaptation of a shonen manga serialized between 1985 and 1990. Mackenyu, Shinichi Chiba’s son, portrays the main character. Today is the fourth day of the film’s release, and the general consensus is that it is a typical example of the bad things that happen when a Japanese manga is made into a movie in Hollywood. Action scenes seem to be appreciated.

Detective Conon: Kurogane no Submarine

The film was released on April 14, and on its first day, it drew 580,000 spectators and grossed over 850 million yen at the box office. The series continues to set new box office records every year, despite the fact that a new film is released every year. It is in the midst of a booming production with a goal of exceeding 10 billion yen in box-office revenue for the first time in the series. The fan rating is the highest I’ve ever seen.


This British film is a remake of Akira Kurosawa’s 1952 film. As he approaches retirement age, the protagonist, who has lost his enthusiasm for his position at city hall and is apathetic, receives news from his doctor that he has a short life expectancy due to stomach cancer. It was reconstructed with a modern interpretation and is highly acclaimed in Japan.


The term “2.5 dimensions” is used. “2 dimensions” refers to anime, manga, games, and illustrations. The term “2.5 dimensions” refers to the act of a 3-dimensional person acting out an imaginary world, such as in an anime or manga. One such 2.5-dimensional piece of content that gains popularity is the “Touken Ranbu.” The original was a PC browser-based life simulation game released in 2015. The handsome characters in this work were a hit, but it really took off when it was turned into a musical and put on stage. And now it’s been made into a movie.

What movies are playing in cinemas in your country?

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