Oda Eiichiro Gives His Approval to the LIVE-ACTION “ONE PIECE”

The Netflix live-action drama series “ONE PIECE” will premiere on August 31. Eiichiro Oda, the original author of the manga, sent a personal message recommending this series before the shipment.

Manga artist Oda is also the executive producer of this live-action drama. He spelled out his determination in his message as follows: “I love the production team and the cast. I hope everyone will be praised around the world soon, and if there should be any complaints, I would take it on with them!”

I can’t help but cheer for ONE PIECE’s author as he struggles with joining the global content team while taking on responsibility in the live-action drama production. He has continued to set several records domestically.

In 2009, ten years after ONE PIECE was made into a feature animated film, audiences were completely “bored” with its content. Box office revenues had continued to fall. It is a common phenomenon. When a manga is turned into an anime, a huge number of people, including production and PR agencies, are involved, resulting in the work losing its passion and becoming less interesting. So in 2010, Oda accepted the role of executive producer for the tenth ONE PIECE animated film, “ONE PIECE FILM STRONG WORLD.” The original author himself reworked the scenario many times, and as a result, the box-office revenue reached $33.7 million, five times that of the previous. Oda has been involved in the production of animated films every year since then, with the 15th film, “ONE PIECE FILM RED,” which was released last summer, grossing $138.1 million at the box office.

His inclusion in the production team makes the work shine brighter. I hope that he will set new records on Netflix as well.

Copyright Eiichiro Oda / SHUEISHA INC.

– Message from Eiichiro Oda –

Now let’s talk about the live-action ONE PIECE! Teasers and trailers are now available! The drama’s release date has been set for August 31. Let me say this first: There is no compromise at all in this work!!And the party has already begun!

The information that comes out little by little and the opinions that fly around are already interesting! In the first place, I find it interesting that they thought of making a live-action version of ONE PIECE seven years ago! How can we make that ONE PIECE world real? The entire process, which many crew members have grappled with, is a party: the world-building, the actors’ attempts, the costumes, the unique approach to attracting the audience in live action, and the conversations.

I’m sure there will be some who complain, “I can’t see the character!” “That scene has gone!” “It’s not like the original!” Please understand that it is out of passion for the work. I intend to enjoy those parts as well! LOL! The drama is 8 episodes up to “that part”!!

There were a number of scenes where I asked for reshoots, saying, “This part is not interesting, so we can’t release it to the world!” even though the shooting is already done. Contrary to my critique “That’s not Luffy!”, there were scenes that turned out to be great as a result of the staff’s filming. I was impressed, “It’s viable if it’s Luffy played by Iñaki Godoy… rather good!!” In the live-action, many things happened that were different from the original but should were done “this” way.

The production team members are live-action professionals and, to put it bluntly, ONE PIECE geeks. I think people familiar with ONE PIECE notice in the drama more the staff’s love for the work.

“Okay, let’s go public with this!” I decided in June. My contact person, who broke his neck for me, cried “It was quite long…”. haha

I know that hard work does not guarantee success. But I love the production team and the cast, and I hope that everyone will be praised around the world soon. In case anyone complains, I would accept it with the team!!

Now, no matter how we feel about waiting, the time period is the same, ONE month. Please have a cup of tea and wait.

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