Japan’s Rainy Season Arrived

The Japan Meteorological Agency today announced the start of the “rainy season (Tsuyu)” over a wide area of Japan.

May through July is the Tsuyu season, with many cloudy and rainy days. This is a widespread weather phenomenon in East Asia. People are highly concerned about Tsuyu because it affects their daily lives in many ways. For example, this season is prone to disasters caused by heavy rains, disruptions in transportation, poor health due to changes in atmospheric pressure, and a depressed mood due to reduced hours of sunlight.

The duration is approximately 1 to 1.5 months. Tsuyu has the important role of storing water for midsummer agricultural use after the rainy season ends. This is especially important for rice cultivation, and it is precisely because of the consistent rain at this time of the year that rice can be grown in Japan.

Tsuyu tells us that spring is over and that with it comes the beginning of summer. The current weather in Fukuoka, Kyushu, where the rainy season has begun, is 26–28 degrees Celsius with 70–80% humidity.

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