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It is no exaggeration to say that all Japanese can draw manga. The reason may be that they have been exposed to the expression of manga from an early age.

When something amazing happens or when we have an extraordinary experience, we easily turn it into a manga. You do not need to be good at drawing. As long as the comic strips are divided and the events are told in sequence, the comic is complete. One of the most commonly drawn experiences is “cheating by the husband.” It is popular to draw a wife discovering signs of her husband’s infidelity, obtaining and pursuing evidence, and establishing an independent life with her children by herself.

In Japan, manga catch people’s eyes more than videos or photos. This is where manga advertising was born. Manga ads shows the customer a story about what issues exist in society and how a company’s product solves those issues.

The following is an example story of a company selling children’s learning materials.

The main character, a junior high school student, gets a bad score on a test. On the other hand, his friend, who used to get bad grades as well, has now gotten 100 points. When asked about the secret to his success, he says that he studies using certain study materials. He asked his parents to buy the same study materials for him, and as a result of his hard work in studying, his grades improved and he was able to enter the high school of his choice.

Printed manga ads are sent as free post items. Children who read these ads will wish for their parents to buy the materials just like the student in the ads.

Manga is an effective means of advertising in Japan.

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