Japan's Culture Day


Japan’s Culture Day

November 3, today is Culture Day, a national holiday.

According to the law, in Japan, there are 16 national holidays in a year, and each of them has its own purpose. Culture Day is a day to love freedom and peace and to promote culture.

November 3 was the date in 1946 when the Constitution of Japan was promulgated on that day. Because of the significant declaration of renunciation of war in this Constitution and an important day with international and cultural significance, it was named “Culture Day” to promote peace and to advance culture.

Currently, opinions are divided on whether or not to change this Constitution, which has never been amended in the 76 years it has been in effect in Japan. The Constitution clearly states that the Japanese people renounce war and force forever. In reality, however, Japan has a Self-Defense Forces (SDF), which is a military force under international law. Furthermore, in July 2014, the Cabinet decided that in the event of an armed attack on a foreign country with which Japan has close relations, the Self-Defense Forces will be dispatched to the combat zone to provide military assistance, even if Japan is not directly attacked. Will Japan officially become a country that has an army and participates in wars?

Today’s TV shows will be particularly rife with discussion of whether the Constitution should be changed.

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