MetaLife: Remote Work in a 2D World Like an RPG

What is the remote work environment like in your country?

We introduce a Japanese service that lets people work from home in a metaverse space that looks like a game. Its name is MetaLife.

MetaLife is a virtual office in the metaverse. With MetaLife, you can work as if you were coming to the office. The avatar walks around the screen and starts a conversation by approaching the avatars of other employees. The most interesting aspect of this service is that it applies the online gaming space directly to the workplace.

Says a MetaLife representative: The term “metaverse” conjures up images of a space where people gather online; in fact, it has already existed for more than 10 years. Online gaming is the best example of this. Gathering multiple people together to play games in a virtual space is a use of the metaverse. If you are a digital native or someone who has enjoyed content in virtual spaces, such as online games, you can naturally incorporate the metaverse into your work.”

When using the metaverse for business, it’s important that the system starts up quickly and that you can connect quickly. The metaverse used in typical online games is very heavy on three-dimensional data and requires a machine with high specifications. At work, you have to launch multiple software programs on your PC, open many tabs, and run them simultaneously. That is why MetaLife uses a lightweight, low-load, two-dimensional metaverse. Furthermore, the dots like games make it both good operability and exciting to play.

With MetaLife, even online, you can verbally ask, “Do you have a minute?” as you pass by. This can help bring back communication that takes less than a few minutes, which can be lost when people work from home. It can also help deepen relationships within the group and spark ideas.

Interesting, isn’t it?

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