Comic-Copilot, a Manga Production Support Service Using ChatGPT, was Released!

Alu Inc. and the editorial division of Shueisha’s “Shonen Jump +” magazine jointly released “Comic-Copilot (Comicopa),” a service that offers AI support for manga production, on May 11.

Comic-Copilot is a free manga production support service that makes use of ChatGPT, an interactive AI from OpenAI.

Simply select the functions you want to use from the menu prepared in advance, and the AI will consult with you and support you in the tedious work of manga production and the idea generation that tends to get stuck in the process.

The developer said:
The most difficult thing in manga production is “to complete the work to the end.” For new manga artists, the production process can be a lonely and often dead-end situation. We developed a service in which an AI robot becomes a conversation partner, a consultant, and takes on time-consuming tasks so that you can break through barriers and complete your manga. With Comicopa, we aim to make it easier for potential manga artists to create new works one after another and to further boost the manga industry.

Comic-Copilot will “think together about the theme of the comic,” “suggest a title for the comic,” “think of character names,” “suggest names for special moves,” “adjust the length of dialogue,” “listen to the setting and synopsis, and give feedback on what AI thinks.”

Furthermore, once the work is completed, it can be submitted to the manga website “Jump Rookie!” where many readers gather.

↓ Service site (Japanese only):

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