Japanese Buddhist Monk Kuya Took Over Tokyo Station!

One of the most unique Buddhas in Japan is the Kuya statue. It is a statue of a thin and frugal-dressed monk. Strangely enough, something small is coming out of his mouth. That monk took over Tokyo Station.

This is a campaign by the railroad company to attract tourists to Kyoto. The organizers invited everyone to come to Rokuharamitsuji Temple in Kyoto to see the actual Buddhist statues that you may have once seen in a textbook.

Many people lined up at 10:00 a.m. to get a giveaway of Kuya for the first 100 visitors.

A replica of the statue of Kuya 

The six objects coming out of his mouth are little Buddhas. According to legend, when this monk chanted the six sounds of “南(Na), 無(Mu), 阿(A), 弥(Mi), 陀(Da), 仏(Butsu)”, the sounds transformed into the form of a Buddha. Very strange and interesting!

If you visit Kyoto, please visit Rokuharamitsuji Temple!

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