Illustration of a woman holding a higanbana in her mouth as a cigarette. Never imitate her!


Red spider lily (Higanbana) are in their peak season

Now that summer has ended and autumn has arrived, Higanbana (red spider lily/cluster amaryllis) is at its peak. They produce bright red flowers that are strongly recurved in a radial pattern at the end of the flower stalk.

This flower originated from Buddhism and is planted around cemeteries and temples. Some believe that its roots are poisonous and were intentionally placed in cemeteries to prevent other animals from destroying the remains during burial.

Because it grows in cemeteries and draws people into the land of the dead, it is generally thought of as scary and ominous.

Recently, one illustration has become a hot topic. This illustration shows a mysterious woman holding a spider lily in her mouth as a cigarette. Although the illustration is imaginary, the actual spider lily has poisonous stems and roots, so experts and the creator of the illustration warned people never to imitate them in cosplay or other activities.

Illustration of a Japanese woman looking at the moon, ca. 800.It’s the season for moon viewing! (Otsukimi season has arrived)Prev

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