Japanese Shojo Manga “Boys Over Flowers” Recognized by Guinness

In April 2023, Guinness World Records recognized the Japanese manga “Hana yori dango” (Boys Over Flowers) as having the most published copies of a single author’s Shojo manga series.

“Boys Over Flowers” is a manga for girls by Yoko Kamio that ran from 1992 to 2004. This manga depicts the main character, an ordinary person, struggling to make her way through a school for rich children. The total number of comics sold in Japan exceeds 61 million copies. And this is developed into a variety of media, including anime, film, TV drama, and stage.

I subscribed in real time when it was serialized. All the characters are pretty, charming, and adorable. The story’s main character, a young girl, experiences bullying from the entire school at first, but she doesn’t give up. She uses her natural cheerfulness and guts to stand up to bullies. And it is a Cinderella story in which she is loved by a popular and rich boy at school and leads an enjoyable school life.

Check it out if you haven’t read it yet!

↓ Official website of the manga’s author, Yoko Kamio (https://yokokamio.net/en/)

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