Condensation on Game Consoles: Be Careful Where You Put Your Nintendo Switch on Cold Days!

From today through tomorrow, Japan will experience a once-in-a-decade winter cold wave. In conjunction with this, the official Nintendo Support Twitter account has warned about “condensation” on game consoles, including the Nintendo Switch.

Sudden changes in temperature where the game console is placed may cause condensation inside the console. The condensation can cause malfunctions. So Nintendo advises that if this occurs, turn off the power and leave the unit in a warm room until the water droplets dry.

Something similar happened last summer with PlayStation 5. The woman lifted her PS5 and two cups of water came out. That console was placed on a high shelf, directly below the air conditioner. It was believed that condensation occurred as a result of the console being cooled rapidly.

By the way, I still can’t buy the PS5 at the normal price in Japan. When can I buy it, Mr. Sony?

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