A man cleaning toilets in the hope that business will prosper.


There is a Deity in the toillet.

“Japanese people like to keep clean.” Today I would like to introduce you to one belief that illustrated this very well. That is, “Deity lives on the toilet, and if you keep the toilet clean, it will bring you good luck.”.

Whether or not there actually is a Deity in the toilet, the mechanism by which good fortune is brought about is as follows. The Toilet is the destination where our excrement goes. We pass it every day by flushing it with water. Every day, new things are taken in and old things are taken out. The toilet is the point of circulation. If it is dirty or clogged, the “dirty stuff” stagnates there, and it builds up every day(gradually builds up), eventually making it difficult to take in the “new” and “fresh” stuff. This is just like the blood circulation in our body. In order for “divine” and “glitter” things to come in smoothly, the circulation point must be clean (cleansed).

Especially this circulation is viewed as the flow of money within the home, and the health of the family as well. We polish the toilet floor because we want it to be healthy, and we polish the bowl because we want money to come in. The same is true for bathtubs and shower stalls. The bathroom and the toilet are significant places to be kept clean in the house .

That is why today I am diligently polishing toilet bowls in the hope that our business will prosper.

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